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“What a RARE and RICH TREAT to see a group of performers stretch the classics as far as possible and not one inch further. That's what the misleadingly named Bedlam company has done with its TAUT, MARAUDINGLY HIGH-SPIRITED take on George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan”
– The New York Times
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Considered by many to be Shaw’s greatest play, Saint Joan played a major role in Shaw being awarded the 1925 Nobel Prize. Joan of Arc was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1920 — over four centuries after her death. Shaw’s great play opened just three years later!

In this stripped down, boldly theatrical, critically acclaimed new production by one of America’s most innovative theatre companies, we meet the Joan of Arc that Shaw believed in: not a saint, a witch, or a madwoman, but a French farm girl who is anything but simple — an illiterate intellectual, a true genius whose focus on the individual rocked the Church and State to their core. 

Production Sponsors: Joan E. Dubinsky & Craig N. Packard

(Recommended for ages 12 and up)

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