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Food for Thought

Saturday, February 10, 2018 at 5:00pm

$10 for general public; Free for Olney Theatre Center Members


"Aubergine is a play about life... a play about food, about memory, and about family." - Julia Cho, playwright

What food do you remember most from your childhood? When Julia Cho was commissioned to write Aubergine, she was asked to write a short play about food. What she ended up writing about was the connection between food and memory: the meals we have, the people we have them with, the ones we may never have again, and what we carry with us. Her play reminds us that across cultures, food is at the core of human love, grief, and connection.

Join Andy Shallal (artist, activist, and founder of DC-area restaurant Busboys and Poets), Sam Adkins (founder and head chef of DC restaurant Sally's Middle Name) and psychologist Dr. Charissa Cheah (UMBC) for a discussion exploring why this connection is so strong in Aubergine and in life. What makes food so important to us? Why do we eat the things we eat? Why is it one of our universal languages?