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By     Ella Hickson
Directed by    

Tracy Bridgen



This “scorchingly ambitious,” (The Guardian), genre-busting American premiere follows mothers and daughters over two centuries, from the dawn of the age of oil in 1889 to its “peak-oil” demise sometime in the not-too-distant future. In five separate but connected playlets, a single mother named May defies the odds to provide for her daughter Amy by any means necessary. From Cornwall to Tehran, London, Baghdad, and back, the mother-daughter power struggle evolves and shifts, even as the resources that fuel it (and the rest of the world) begin to dwindle. This American premiere is bursting with theatricality and big ideas about feminism, imperialism and environmentalism from another leading playwright wowing audiences in the U.K.
Featuring Maboud Ebrahimzadeh (The Invisible Hand), Chris Genebach (The Crucible), and Megan Graves (Little Foxes at Arena Stage)

“An audacious piece of writing… a huge, ambitious study of co-dependency: mother and daughter, man and machine, east and west, Britain and empire.” - Time Out London