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Most productions at Olney Theatre Center come with a quick rating that corresponds to those used by the Motion Picture Association of America. Since those ratings are imperfect and different patrons have different concerns, we created this more in-depth guide. It allows you advance knowledge of specific content that may or may not be deemed problematic or triggering. Do not hesitate to contact us with questions prior to purchasing tickets if you have concerns. Please note that all ticket sales are final.

2022-23 Season

Kinky Boots
February 10 - March 26, 2023

Langauge: wanker, bitch, tranvestite, sissy, fags
Adult Behavior: drag performance, cross-dressing, funeral scene, drinking, homophobia and transphobia, toxic masculinity, discussions surrounding gender
Sexual Content: same-sex kissing, catcalling, mention of “sex”, sexual inuendos
Violence: threats of violence, mugging, hitting, discussions surrounding “beatings,” boxing match, punching
If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for mild sexuality, strong language, and violence. 

A Nice Indian Boy
March 8 - April 9, 2023

Language: asshole, porn, joint, marijuana, ganja, hell, crack, pot, mary-jane, shit, bitch, fuck, damn, bullshit
Adult Behavior: religious ceremonies/rituals, discussions surrounding death, references to smoking and drugs, frank discussions of race and ethnicity, drinking.
Sexual Content: minimal, characters listen to sex scene in a movie, kissing
Violence: frank discussions of spanking/hitting
If this were a film it would be rated PG-13  for strong language and substance use.

The World Goes 'Round
April 19 - May 21, 2023

Language: ass, son of a bitch, whores, wiener
Adult Behavior: references to mature themes including depression and substance use (drugs/pills/alcohol), drinking, references to death
Sexual Content: sexual innuendos, buttock is bitten, references to kissing, references to condoms 
Violence: references to kicking and a gun, actor crashes off-stage.
If this were a film it would be rated PG for language

July 7 - August 13, 2023

Langauge: ass, pussy, bullshit, shit, bastard, motherfucking, motherfuckers, niggers, whores
Adult Behavior: references to drug use, military dictatorship, references to death, discussions surrounding racism, religious rituals.
Sexual Content: mention of gonorrhea, references to sex.
Violence: references to beatings/brutality, threats of violence, battle scene which includes explicit descriptions of beating, pushing, pulling, cutting, and killing.
If this were a film it would be rated R for violence and explicit language.

Coming in 2023-24:

In Every Generation

Langauge: hell, holy shit, fucking, bullshit, boobies, Wasps, shit,
Adult Behavior: religious themes/rituals, discussions surrounding slavery, drinking, references to mature themes including race, cheating, death, eating disorders, and miscarriages, frank discussions of race and discrimination.
Sexual Content: mention of breasts, half-naked dancing (undergarments on), kissing, sexual innuendos. 
Violence: discussions surrounding violent acts including: drowning, shooting, and bombing, references to swastikas and guns, discussions about inhumane treatment in concentration camps, references to hitting and black eyes.
If this were a film it would be rated PG-13 for partial nudity, language, and references to violence.

Past 22-23 Shows

Dance Nation
September 28 - October 30, 2022

Language: A ton of explicit language including repeated use of the word, pussy, as well as fuck, shit, cunt, pussy (again, it's in the play a lot), bitch, cock, and cum
Adult Behavior: references to drinking and smoking
Sexual Content: multiple explicit, raunchy descriptions of sex acts including masturbation, oral sex, and depictions of menstruation and menstrual blood
Violence: Self-mutilation, emotional violence, one dancer breaks their leg
If this were a movie it would be rated a hard R for explicit language, frank explorations of puberty, and sexuality

Beauty and the Beast

November 9, 2022 - January 1, 2023

Language: n/a
Adult Behavior: references to drinking and smoking
Sexual Content: Nothing overt, a coquettish feather-duster and buffoonish misogyny
Violence: Slapstick, Gunshots, some hungry wolves, storybook fights and threats of violence, one character does die 
If this were a film it would be rated G for all families

A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story of Christmas

Synopsis: Ebenezer Scrooge lives a dismal life without family, friends, or a love for anything but money. One Christmas Eve, he is visited by the ghost of his former business partner and then three spirits urging him to examine the state of his past, present, and future life. Based on the classic story by Charles Dickens.

Language: This production is a one-man show using the original text of Dickens' short story. The Victorian-era language may take some getting-used-to for younger audience members. The word “ass” is used in reference to a donkey. There is a lot of discussion surrounding death, including the death of the protagonist and a child.

Adult Behavior: Smoking, Drinking, and Gambling: Mention of beer, punch, and wine.

Sexual Content: None.

Violence: None.

For which audiences: Ages 11+ 

If this were a movie: It would be rated G, although because of the format and Victorian language we recommend it for ages 11 and up. View Frequently Asked Questions about this production.

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